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Why exactly is Folding@Home doing their own thing releasing their own client and omitting integration with a renowned platform like BOINC?
I'm sitting here baffled by the immense influx of new grid computing participants (apparantly there's been a "call to arms" by graphics card manufacturer Nvidia) with huge gaming pc power that managed to saturate all available work units of Folding@Home within a couple of days.
Now I'm seeing quite a few end users bemoan the lack of work units. Am I wrong to think that if Folding@Home were run off of BOINC there would be at least a chance end users would participate in other Projects?

Don't get me wrong, I greatly applaud the gamer community for getting done what 8 supercomputers could not in this timeframe. We really need this.
However, I'm very skeptical of Folding@Home's modus operandi here.

#covid-19 #gridcomputing #research #supercomputers
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Is ja gut, nun sind wir wieder gemeinsam im Boot.
Mir geht's leidlich, nicht so ganz gut, will aber nicht drüber gross reden.
Und Du? Bist Du noch in Krems? s' war doch Krems, oder...
Ja, alles Liebe in diesen irren Zeiten.
@YA Alles liebe und gute auch für dich! Weiter durchhalten, wir scheinen auf einem guten Weg zu sein wie mir scheint.
Ich bin zwischenzeitlich nach St. Pölten gezogen und hab mich hier ganz gut eingelebt - Verbindung nach Wien der Arbeit wegen ist auch bombastisch besser als von Krems aus. Die Railjets sind schon sauschnell und komfortabel.
@Y A
Ja dann... mein Sohn ist auch von Wien nach Wr. Neustadt gezogen und fährt im Falle auch mit der Bahn.
Somit nochmals gute Wünsche für Dich und Dein Leben!

Twitter Likes/Replies Federation

!Friendica Support Are there any improvements regarding Twitter integration planned? Federating likes and replies back into Friendica would be fantastic.
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Stitched together an online #map service for #Austria based on #OpenStreetMap components. It's pretty early but should be fully usable for (car) routing at
Finding a place (or two when plotting a route) still goes outside to a Nominatim server at OSM but I'm hoping to host that one myself too so every bit of data stays on-site.

#Privacy #Opensource #decentralisation

I'm still baffled that my #Windows 10 Installation simply booted up housed in a #new chassis, CPU and mainboard. I bet it's waiting to bite me in the backside once I really want to play a #videogame in the next couple days.

Other than that: Fractal Design chassis and AMD ftw! :-D